As we grow older and transition into a new phase of our lives, personal enrichment and purpose are crucial elements to maintaining a healthy mindset. In addition, having something to care for or having an unconditional companion by our side gives us purpose, love and provides company when we feel alone.

No matter your age, pets are the perfect, unconditional companion for many, especially elderly individuals. But unfortunately, for those whose living environment may not allow pets, or if said elderly individual struggles with memory, caring for a living thing may not be an option.

Yet, does that mean that an individual is out of luck on a companion? Not at all! Thankfully, the transformative technology of today has facilitated the creation of robotic companion animals, specifically designed for an individual who cannot have a living creature to care for in their lives.

What Are Robotic Companion Animals?

Many reading this likely share a response - a robotic companion animal, what in the world is that?! It is exactly what you think: a robotic critter that very closely resembles a living, breathing pet.

The technology itself is responsive. Depending on the brand of robotic companion animal you purchase for yourself or a loved one, these special devices respond to petting, commands, and often allow you to use a free smartphone app to give it a name. And as artificial intelligence continues to transform, the lifelike characteristics will only continue to improve.

To put to rest any doubts: no, these do not look like robots. Instead, certain manufacturers have enlisted robotic professionals from Hollywood to improve the aesthetics and fluidity of motion, taking realism to a level that clinically makes a difference in many individuals.

Who Does A Robotic Companion Animal Help?

Seniors In Memory Care - Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other psychological issues that many seniors face in their later years have debilitating effects on an individual’s quality of life. Robotic companion animals have statistically shown to drastically improve the individual’s cognitive abilities with other human beings.

Isolated Individuals - Older individuals that find themselves isolated or alone in their later years have shown evidence of developing psychological issues. This situation worsens if they live in a facility that does not permit animals as companions. Therefore, a robotic companion animal is a perfect fit.

Struggles with Stress and Anxiety - Following the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, individuals of all ages are reeling with PTSD, especially those in their senior years that had to distance themselves from loved ones for months on end. Robotic companion animals give unconditional love and aid in the transition back to real-world interaction. 

Special Care For Your Loved Ones

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