The role of a senior care manager is to help families navigate the transitions of aging and ensure the proper guidance, resources, and support is in place. They can lay out the best options, balancing the needs and wants of your elderly loved one with the requirements of your whole family. Read on to learn about the value of senior care management, and how having a senior care manager can help guide you when it comes to important decisions regarding elder care.

Health and Disability

Senior care managers understand the conditions and diseases that often come with aging, therefore, they can help seniors and their families make informed decisions relating to physical health and disability. When you need services, products, or education about a specific condition or diagnosis, you can count on a senior care manager to help guide you to the right information and services which can serve you best. 

Financial Affairs

Senior care managers can help ease your financial worries about the aging process. They know how to create viable and sustainable care management plans based on affordability and value. They understand the criteria for public benefits, so your elderly loved one can receive all they’re entitled to. Senior care managers can also refer you to financial professionals as needed to assist with more in-depth financial planning.

Senior Advocacy

Due to their expertise and experience, senior care managers work effectively with hospitals, assisted living and nursing facilities, and local, state, and federal agencies to make sure that the senior receives all the help and support to which they are entitled. Advocacy like this is especially critical for seniors who can’t speak up for themselves (due to illness or cognitive conditions), as well as for those who are at risk of financial misconduct, neglect, undue influence, and other forms of elder abuse.

Legal Planning

In addition to advocating for seniors, professional senior care managers know what documents should be in place to ensure the proper legal protection. These may include advanced directives, wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents.

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