Abraham Lincoln once said,  in the end it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. The golden years are special and they are a privilege not everyone is granted. No matter how many candles are on your birthday cake, there is something to be said about peace of mind when it comes to the future and how your family is cared for. In this ever-changing world of increased technology and online presence, it's more important than ever to have a strong handle on safeguarding your information and navigating the right resources within the community. 

At Safe Harbor we are true elder care advocates who help our clients and loved ones find the resources they require, allowing them the valuable peace of mind they deserve to live out their golden years to the fullest. To get started, here is a list of 26 essential documents needed to marshal the affairs of an individual. 

  • Advance Directives

  • All Credit Cards #’s Exp dates & passwords 

  • Auto/RV/Boat (titles)

  • Bank Accounts/ Checking/Savings/ Money Market/CD's ALL Banks w/ passwords

  • Birth Certificate

  • Burial Plans & Arrangements and Obituary

  • Contact info for Attorney, CPA, Financial Planner, Investment Banker & Physician

  • Divorce papers


  • Driver’s License or State ID Card

  • Durable Power of Attorney ( DPOA)

  • Home Ownership/ Deeds along with  Any Investment Ownership of Property/Deeds 

  • Investments info & portfolio/401 K accounts Pension documents & Annuity contracts Last Will & Testament/letter of Instruction/Trust Documents/Estate planning

  • Life Insurance

  • List of all Passwords or Master Password to  Digital Password Program

  • Marriage License

  • Medicare Card info & Premium info- Effective dates for Part A & Part B

  • Medical Physician/Authorization to release healthcare information Medical Records Notes, Loans/ and Debts

  • Passport

  • Personal Health Ins/ copy of ID cards

  • Safety Deposit Box Number, Key, Signature Card info, List Of Contents 

  • Social Security number and last statement

  • Tax Returns most recent 5 yrs.

  • VA Benefits & copy of service ID Card Rank and time served

*** Keeping everything in a secure place is essential. You may want to keep these documents in a Safety Deposit Box at your Bank***  (Be careful in selecting whom you’ll allow access to this box)

Being prepared is key

When it comes to planning for your future or the future of your loved ones, you can never be too prepared. It’s essential to not wait too long to gather the essential paperwork needed to make important decisions. Being able to seamlessly access financial records is just as important as managing healthcare needs and wishes. There is something to be said about being prepared and knowing where everything is, when you need it so you are able to focus on what’s most important. A Will, for example, makes clear who will receive your assets and personal property. Rather than have the state decide who gets your property, it’s imperative that you select an executor that clearly states your wishes to prevent possible family conflict. Having all the necessary documents in order can give you a better understanding of what steps need to be taken next. Preparation is essential, not optional, and can give you an advantage when dealing with financial and health issues. 

At Safe Harbor, we protect the rights and welfare of our seniors. With 20-years of experience operating a large geriatric primary care medical group, we have acquired the knowledge and developed a network to fulfill the needs and satisfy the concerns of our senior patients.

 The mission of Safe Harbor Eldercare is to help our seniors navigate through a myriad of complex decisions that deal with many aspects of their lives, health, and sense of security. Visit us online today or call (866)742-7267.