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Protecting the rights and welfare of our clients

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Protecting the rights and welfare of our clients

Safe Harbor Eldercare Services, LLC offers thirty years of executive business management experience at your fingertips. It’s like having your own personal business manager for your personal and family matters. Our expertise is helping families and individuals navigate through a myriad of complex decisions that deal with everything from healthcare choices, long term care strategies, financial, legal and estate planning and review of insurance needs.

We develop personalized conducive care environments that not only meet the immediate physical safety concerns of the person and/or their loved ones but also maintain a predictable financial path given the particular elements of the individual's needs and financial resources.

All this is accomplished by bringing to the table all the necessary resources of a fully integrated professional network.

Safe Harbor is willing to work closely with your trusted advisors if that is your preference. We always maintain total transparency with interested parties. Insurance bonding is offered to protect liquid assets.

Our Services

At Safe Harbor Eldercare we believe in taking a proactive approach to your most important healthcare decisions. We can help you and your family plan ahead before an emergency arises. Additional services are listed below.
Patient Advocate.
Professional Fiduciary.
Helping clients and their loved ones find the community resources they require.
Coordinating physicians, assisted living facilities, rehab centers, hospitals, and Hospice.

Founder's Bio

Marianne Fisher, Safe Harbor Elder Care

Marianne Fisher, President/CEO

University of Cincinnati, 1978-1979
Ohio College of Applied Sciences
Civil Engineering/Construction Management 1979-1982

Marianne Fisher attended the University of Cincinnati pursuing a degree in civil engineering. She aspired to be among the first women to make a career in the field of demolition. Unfortunately, her father did not share the same vision and gave her an ultimatum to either change her major or be left without his support.

Marianne chose to move to Florida where her brother-in-law, an anesthesiologist, needed assistance establishing his practice. She ... Read more